Ashley Wiles, Radical Self Love Warrior

Leading up to the Love Your Body Summit, I am introducing you to our presenters through a series of interviews. I am so excited to share these interviews with you. Each one of these women is so inspiring.

Today we are meeting Ashely Wiles, founder of Sole Girls. Ashley will be presenting a workshop on core values at the Love Your Body Summit.

Tickets to the summit are $70 and are available here.

Radical Self Love Warrior: Ashley Wiles


1. Tell us a bit about your body positive work.

I'm a social advocate for self love for girls through my work with Sole Girls where we do a 9 week empowerment program that connects physical activity and mental health and mentors and help girls to build their own self-confidence. Also, I am a life coach at where I help people make powerful choices based on self love and growth. I often speak publicly about my struggles with my own image growing up and how I've used it to make a positive impact.

2. What inspired you to become a body positive activist?

I've been through the fluctuations with weight and mental health since I was a teen and when I started working out seriously and really consciously taking care of my body, I felt so great that I just wanted to share!

3. What have you learned about body love that has made the biggest difference in your life?

That everything changes - including my body!  When I train for Ironman, my body changes to one shape, when I eat different foods my body changes, when I train in the gym by body is different too. It's so interesting!  It makes the biggest difference for me because I can understand that it's my choice to love the changes and choices that I make :)

4. What is one change that you would love to see in the world to encourage more body love?

I would like to see adults being conscious of their negative self talk and understanding how you hold yourself, your movements and actions and words all have an effect on children, they see everything!

5. Name another body positive activist that inspires you, and tell us about him/her.

I really love a lot of women in my life, I am surrounded by so many incredible women who are body conscious.  Famous people I really love Misty Copeland - that is one inspiring woman! She is the first African American female principle dancer at the American ballet but is so so much more than that - she has over come so many struggles and just shines inner and outer beauty alignment. 


Combining her experience and skills in running, motivation, and coaching with her desire to help girls form strong, confident opinions of themselves, Ashley founded Sole Girls.

As a trained life coach, specifically coaching in health and wellness, Ashley found that as adults, we face many of the same negative social ideas and thoughts about our bodies that began during childhood.  

Ashley started running when she was 6 years old in her school kilometer club program. Growing up with mentors who were also runners, she sees the benefits of sharing the incredible sport that allowed her to develop running as a tool to stay healthy, set goals, and use as an outlet for frustrations! 

As an avid runner, Ashley runs marathons, half marathons, and triathlons around the world, recently she completing her 2nd Ironman and qualifying for the 70.3 Ironman World Championships. 

She started coaching learn-to-runs, to help people get active again and push their limits.  The difference in the attitudes of the participants towards themselves and their bodies after they began running was incredible to see!  

As an empowerment retreat leader, and trained as an NCCP level 2 athletics coach, CPR-C certified, and High 5 certified, Ashley is using all her skills in running, motivation, mentorship and coaching to empower girls to embrace their amazing selves and gain confidence in their appearance and thoughts! She is also building a team of incredible young leaders, teaching them leadership skills, communication skills and building their confidence as well.