Kristal Barrett-Stuart, Radical Self Love Warrior

Leading up to the Love Your Body Summit, I am introducing you to our presenters through a series of interviews. I am so excited to share these interviews with you. Each one of these women is doing incredible work in the world.

Today we are meeting Kristal Barrett-Stuart, creator of the Sparkle Project. Kristal will be leading a vision board workshop at the summit.

Tickets to the summit are $70 and are available here.

Radical Self Love Warrior: Kristal Barrett-Stuart

1. Tell us a bit about your body positive work.

I am the founder of The Sparkle Project BC, a movement to inspire young girls to lead healthy successful lives.The Sparkle Project offers self-esteem and goal-setting workshops for preteen and adolescent girls and young women in Abbotsford, BC, as well as in communities across British Columbia

2. What inspired you to become a body positive activist? 

In Canada, over 50% of girls say they wish they were someone else (Source: Canadian Women’s Foundation). But research has shown that boosting one’s “perceived self-efficacy” raises self-esteem and well being (Source: Albert Bandura, Stanford University). The Sparkle Project helps girls set personal goals and build their self-esteem through mastering new experiences and challenges. I felt the same way when I was a young girl and I felt such a lack of support available at that age and wanted to change that.

3. What have you learned about body love that has made the biggest difference in your life?

I have learned that we are all born with our own special gifts and talents and that our bodies were given to us for a reason, to love and respect. 

 4. What is one change that you would love to see in the world to encourage more body love?

I would love to see more realistic fashion ads, commercials, and media in general. The media’s portrayal of beauty is creating body shaming everywhere! 


Kristal Barrett-Stuart is a country singer-songwriter, entrepreneur, public speaker, and founder of the Sparkle Project BC. Kristal explains that after she became a mother, ‘I looked into my daughter’s eyes and was taken back to my childhood, which evoked emotions of pain, loss, and low self-esteem…If my current self could speak to my teenage self, I would empower and nurture this young girl. While I can’t go back in time, I can help young girls today.’ Kristal’s simple but powerful vision of nurturing and empowering young girls is the heartbeat of the Sparkle movement. She leads women in distilling their most important life lessons into resources that can inspire and empower a new generation of female visionaries and leaders.