If You Give a Mom A Mop

I remember before having children I had this blissful idea that being a stay-at-home mom I would be able to keep my home (and kids) neat and tidy at all times. Oh lord, I look back now and I laugh at myself. Life with children is chaos theory in action. And at times my Type A personality has a total break down when I look at the disaster that is my house. I try to tell myself that one day they will be grown up and I will miss the toys strewn all over the floor, but that doesn't help at all. One day seems very, very far away right now.

Sometimes I struggle with depression, and the chaos gets to me even more. I feel like if I could just get a handle on the mess, then maybe my brain would be more ordered too. And then my inability to keep the house tidy drives me even more nuts, and I start judging myself in one of those horrible shame spirals.

So the last time I started attempting to clean the house and found myself enacting a twisted version of "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie", I figured instead of crying about it I would try laughing about it instead.

So for all the moms like me who wonder why they bother with the futile exercise known as house cleaning, this one's for you.

My parody of "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" is available for digital download from my shop for 99 cents.

Because as one mom put it, cleaning your house while you have kids is like eating Oreos while brushing your teeth.

Readers have called "If You Give a Mom a Mop":


"The Best 99 cents I ever spent!"

So if you are a tired mommy in need of a laugh, download your copy today by clicking on the image below: