Never Broken, Canadian Songstress Painting 6

“Leave them all behind

everyone that hurt you.

Leave them on the road

let them get run over.

You were never broken

you were only hoping it would end.”


Never Broken is the 6th painting in the Canadian Songstress series. This one is inspired by the song You Were Never Broken by Jann Arden. This song is particularly relevant to me at this moment in time as I just released Parenting with PTSD. Editing this book has challenged every unconscious belief I have about my broken-ness. It has cracked open every vulnerable, hurting place inside of me that I have hidden from myself for a lifetime. It has also shown me that I am part of a larger community of survivors, and in their faces and stories, I can see a beautiful mirror for my own which shows not a person who is broken, but a person who is stronger than she has ever given herself credit for. In my fellow survivors I see inspiring resilience and determination to heal from the trauma of childhood abuse so that our children can grow up knowing they are safe and loved. When I hear the words "You were never broken", it is a mantra that I could repeat for the rest of my life.

In some very exciting news, I have been invited to show the Canadian Songstress series at Silk Gallery January 2018! This means that I will be painting many more pieces in the next few months, and also that this will be my last painting video for a while. I want to leave the rest of the paintings a bit of a mystery until the show opens. So I'll keep showing you some in progress images on my Instagram feed, but no more videos until January.

never broken (1 of 1).jpg
never broken2 (1 of 1).jpg
never broken3 (1 of 1).jpg

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