Portal, Canadian Songstress painting 5

" Nothing is sacred and nothing is sure anymore
Except all that you are and stand for
Guide me toward your portal

This painting is the fifth in a series of paintings inspired by the songs of Canada's female singer-songwriters. It is inspired by the song of the same name by Lights. I'm not sure what the meaning of of this song is to Lights, but to me it's about my relationship to music, and how it has been both an abusive lover (when I was pursuing a career in music) as well as the most transformative, transcendent portal bringing me to some of the most beautiful moments of my life.

This piece has in interesting quality to it because of the interference paints that were used. When viewed straight on, it appears to be entirely in shades of white, cream and grey. But move slightly to the side and you will see the colours from the metallic interference paints bring it to life, activating the portal as it were ;)

Portal is a 12x12 original mixed media collage on board. It will be part of an upcoming exhibit at Silk Gallery January 2018.