Parenting After Trauma

Dear Survivor Parent,

Yes, birthing and parenting are triggers that can open up old wounds. If you are struggling to manage flashbacks and intrusive thoughts about your childhood abuse while parenting, you are not alone in this. And yes, there is something we can do about it.

Hi, I’m Joyelle Brandt I’m a self care coach for parents, who specializes in working with survivors of abuse. I want you to know that when you are feeling triggered by daily acts of parenting, you are experiencing a completely normal response for someone with a trauma history. You are not crazy, you are not broken, and together we can work to heal from old trauma patterns and build a life with more joy and connection.

If you would like to learn more about Parenting After Trauma, join me on May 13th in Port Moody for an evening workshop. We will cover:

- how early childhood trauma affects mental, emotional, and physical health throughout the lifespan

- common triggers for parenting survivors

- common reactions and symptoms experienced by parenting survivors

- the role self and co-regulation play in recalibrating the body’s stress response system

You will leave the evening with validation, support, and concrete steps that you can take to start feeling better in your daily life with your kids. Your history does not have to be your future. You have the power to create the life that you want for yourself and your family.


The Language of Trauma

I am starting work on a new series, titled “The Language of Trauma”.

This collection will explore the meeting place between neuroscience, family history, and personal identity as a trauma survivor.

These pieces will be accompanied by found poetry, created from phrases in the scientific articles I have collaged onto the base layers of the paintings.

What words jump out at you as you look at these works in progress?