Parenting with PTSD Interview Series, a conversation with Andrea Papin, RTC

I recently interviewed Andrea Papin, RTC for the Parenting with PTSD interview series. We had a great conversation about the role of anger, grief and forgiveness in the healing process. Check out the video below!

 "Anger and grief are feelings that arise when we experience a loss, a transgression, an injustice, a boundary violation, or a transition. They are embodied energy that alert us to what we value and what we need. They can be a way to honour what we have lost." -Andrea Papin


 "Forgiveness is a word that we hear thrown around a lot, but what does it really mean and how important is it in the context of trauma?

Typically, the word “forgiveness” is used to describe the arrival at a state of peace, that involves a letting go of anger and resentment towards someone who has harmed us.  In the context of trauma, we tend to think of an abuser, perpetrator, or even an event.  We also tend to talk about forgiving ourselves.

All of these ways of talking about trauma seem to elude to a particular trajectory with an endpoint where we are healed, calm and wise. Now I don’t doubt that this is possible, but I don’t think that forgiveness is an endpoint, a necessity or a feeling state that is static." -Andrea Papin

The Language of Trauma

I am starting work on a new series, titled “The Language of Trauma”.

This collection will explore the meeting place between neuroscience, family history, and personal identity as a trauma survivor.

These pieces will be accompanied by found poetry, created from phrases in the scientific articles I have collaged onto the base layers of the paintings.

What words jump out at you as you look at these works in progress?