The Language of Trauma

I am starting work on a new series, titled “The Language of Trauma”.

This collection will explore the meeting place between neuroscience, family history, and personal identity as a trauma survivor.

These pieces will be accompanied by found poetry, created from phrases in the scientific articles I have collaged onto the base layers of the paintings.

What words jump out at you as you look at these works in progress?


Joyelle Guests on Parent Talk Podcast

Joyelle is a guest on the Parent Talk podcast today!



Episode: No. 22 - Parenting with PTSD

Guest(s): Joyelle Brandt, Co Editor of ‘Parenting with PTSD’.

Today Genevieve and Heather are welcoming Joyelle Brandt, Co Editor of ‘Parenting with PTSD’.

• Joyelle describes how to identify if you are possibly suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

• We talk about why when we become parents, those triggers come up and how is it different for Moms and Dads.

• Joyelle goes over why triggers can come up at different stages of parenting.

• She explains the 3 markers of trauma and common coping mechanisms.

• Joyelle shares the process of how the book came to be.

• She has some great advice for parents suffering from triggers from PTSD as well as for parents that may not be aware that they are suffering from PTSD.

And how to find the right Therapist that is trained and specialized in this area.


Listen to the full episode below: