Speaking and Workshops

" Joyelle has an inner light that shines bright on stage. With poise and grace, the utmost professional she pulls at our heart strings with her ability to connect and engage audiences with thought provoking ideas and out of the box creativity."

Mandara Lebovitz, General Manager, Terry Fox Theatre


"I loved Joyelle's talk at our event. She is entertaining, fun and has a great stage presence. I thoroughly enjoyed her!"

Tara McIntosh, Event Coordinator, Tri-Cities Heart and Soul Conference

Joyelle visits classes, community groups and companies to do speaking, book readings and workshops. Topics include:

  • parenting after trauma
  • trauma and resilience
  • trauma informed care
  • sexual abuse recovery
  • body image
  • self care practice for entrepreneurs & businesses
  • art, writing and music workshops for children and youth

Here are a few of the presentations I offer:


Introduction to Trauma Informed Care

This workshop is designed for healthcare practitioners who are looking to expand their awareness about how trauma impacts patient health, and how trauma can be addressed in treatment. Topics covered will be: Introduction to the ACE study, the impact of trauma on brain development, how to collect the missing pieces of your patient’s history, creating a trauma sensitive environment

Love Your Body, Love Yourself

This playful narrative of radical self love covers everything from training bras to belly dancing, as Joyelle weaves stories from her own life into an exploration of how our relationships with our bodies and ourselves are damaged by a culture of oppression of the feminine. Joyelle shares simple tools to re-frame how we think and speak about ourselves. 

How to take care of YOU so you can take care of BUSINESS

This 30-minute presentation on self care practices for entrepreneurs and businesses addresses some of the common causes of burnout, and helps give practical, hands on tools to prioritize self care and increase workplace happiness and productivity.

Parenting Through Trauma

Joyelle sheds light on a subject that has been in the dark too long. Parenting Through Trauma explores the long term impact of childhood abuse, the triggers that arise for parents who are survivors, and methods for coping with these triggers. Based on her own personal history as well as her experience editing Parenting with PTSD.

From Darkness to Light: A survivor's Journey

In this spoken word performance piece which debuted at She Talks, Joyelle received a standing ovation for this raw and vulnerable piece, which combines song and spoken word, and explores the intersection between the personal and the political when it comes to violence against women. Watch the video below:


Joyelle is an inspiring educator. Her approachable nature, paired with her vast knowledge in the arts and keen interest in engaging children in artistic explorations makes her an outstanding choice.
— Shannon Bain, Vice Principal, Aspenwood Elementary

Some of the organizations Joyelle has presented for include:

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